Are all your oils organic?

We source all our essential oils from a highly reputable Australian supplier. All of our essential oils are 100% certified organic or wild harvested.

Are your blends hand-made?

Yes, all our blends are hand-made.

If an oil is ‘pure’, does this mean it is also ‘organic’?

No. While ‘pure’ oils are not meant to contain any additives or fillers, the only way to ensure 100% quality in essential oils is to purchase ‘certified organic’. Organic oils are extracted from plants that are farmed under certified growing practices without the use of pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fertilisers.

Can essential oils be taken internally?

Ingesting of essential oils is NOT recommended for the general public. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should never be taken internally without the supervision of a trained health professional.

What amounts are your oils available in?

All our oils and oil blends come in 10 ml in a blue glass bottle with white cap. The ‘Shield’ anti-viral roll on comes in clear glass with a silver roller and silver cap and is 15 ml.

What are your payment options?

We accept Paypal and Stripe payments.

What are wild harvested essential oils?

The leaves and flowers used for wild harvested essential oils are collected from areas that have not seen human intervention, and therefore are without chemical contamination. They foliage for essential oil production is only from middle growth, and are harvested selectively so that the species can proliferate naturally. There is no exploitation of wild plant communities and endangered species are not collected.

Why are your products packaged in blue glass bottles?

Blue glass is said to enhance the healing qualities of the product. As with all essential oils, store out of direct sunlight.

What about the term ‘Therapeutic Grade’?

‘Therapeutic grade’ is a marketing term commonly used in the essential oil industry. As there is no such certifying organisation that governs the quality of essential oils, any company can use the term ‘therapeutic grade’ but does not necessarily hold any formal certification. To obtain genuine essential oils always purchase certified organic as these are  essential oils from a certifying organisation.

How do I store my essential oils?

Your essential oils should be stored in a clean, cool, dry area away from sunlight and artificial light. Always keep your essential oils out of reach of children and pets. Never store essential oils near an open flame or heat source as they are flammable.

Are your oils only available in Australia?

Many of our single oils, and some of the oils in our blends are listed as a ‘dangerous good’ due to their being highly inflammable. Orders throughout Australia are shipped using Australia Post, where applicable. Orders exceeding the Dangerous Good limit will be delivered via Toll or local courier.

How soon will my products be shipped after placing my order?

We aim to pack and dispatch within 3 working days of receiving order. Delivery times may be delayed during public holidays.